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"Accurate" ... Exchange of Information
through applying Integrity, Proactive, Timely
and Innovative Practices
Day of Survey ...

You as "the client" are responsible for the arrangement of the dates, times, places and fees
associated with performing an "Out of Water", "In the Water" or "Sea Trial" survey.   Once these arrangements have been made, J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc. will assist in coordination.

A typical survey lasts the entire day. You are welcome to be present, however your attendance
is not mandatory. 

When the boat is "Ready for Survey" your contracted fee is valid ... if you request that we
standby on site while
repairs or preparations are made so that the boat will be "Ready for Survey"
 ... our fee will be more.  A "Ready for Survey" checklist is provided below. You are encourged
 to send this document to all appropriate parties.

We do allow some time to "Trouble Shoot" why items do not work. While we are quite
capable of "Discovery", your quoted survey fee was based on a finite amount of time allocated to "Discovery".  Separate arrangements can be made for determining why items do not work and
producing a report detaiing their approximate cost of repair or replacement.

Upon completion of the survey, you will be given a written "Punch List" of "Preliminary Findings"
along with  a verbal debriefing.

J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc. uses videography to document the survey.  The video is reviewed
during report preparation and may result in more "Findings and Recommendations" listed in the written report than on the
"Punch List" of "Preliminary Findings"

Note: Payment of the survey and associated fees is required before written report(s) are sent.

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